Department of Dermatology


The Department of Dermatology trains undergraduates in the medical and dental streams. Besides this, it also offers a MD program in Dermatology.


The Department of Dermatology offers comprehensive teaching facilities for the medical and allied courses run by the Nitte University. Students are posted in the department for a specific period of time during which they are trained to develop skills required for diagnosis and management of common and rare skin diseases, unusual manifestations, complications and management of such cases. The departmental library provides requisite teaching materials, like text books, manuals, journals and CD-ROMs.


Sl.No. Name Designation
1 Dr. Girisha B.S. Professor
2 Dr. Sripathi H. Professor
3 Dr.TonitaMariola Assistant Professor
4 Dr. AkshathaM.Shetty Senior Resident
5 Dr.DineshJayaram Jr.Resident
6 Dr.NicelyElcy Philip Jr.Resident
7 Dr.Neetha Thomas Jr.Resident
8 Dr.AshokMenon Jr.Resident
9 Dr.Greeshma P.B Jr.Resident
10 Dr.Preethi B Nayak Jr.Resident
11 Dr.Sajin Alexander Jr.Resident
12 Dr.Haripriya A. Jr.Resident
13 Dr.Shibina S. Jr.Resident
14 Dr.Snigdha Jr.Resident

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