Department Of Ophthalmology


The department is well-equipped with Refraction drums, Direct / Indirect Ophthalmoscopes, Streak retinoscopes, Slit lamps, Tonometers, Keratometer A-scan, B-san, Gonioscopes, Field analyser, 90-D lenses, Operating loupes, Operating microscopes, Phacoemulisfication unit, FFA and Lasers. The department has a ward with separate sections for men and women.


The department treats patients for general ophthalmology, Glucoma, those in need of contact lenses are given the same, patients in need of Refractionand cataract surgeries are provided with intraocular lenses, including stichless surgeries, foldable lenses, retinal detachment surgery, lasertreatment of Diabetic Retinopathy, squint rectification, Oculoplastics & Orbit and Keratoplasy. The cataract surgery has been upgraded to Phacoemulisfication with foldable 70 Ls.

The department conducts health camps on:
1st & 3rd Thursday – Nitte
1st & 3rd Monday – Natekal
1st & 3rd Wednesday – Boliyar
1st Tuesday – B.C Road
Every Tuesday – Kadri

Free eye camps are also conducted on alternate Sundays. Teams of two or more consultants visit backward areas in and around South Kanara districtscreening and treating people with various Ophthalmic diseases that cause curable blindness.

Patients who need surgery are requested to visit the Justice K S Hegde Charitable Hospital and are admitted under the Netra Jyothi scheme. The operation, medication, food, intraocular lenses, dressing materials and glasses are provided free of cost.The department also has an eye bank, Nethra Nidhi which is affiliated to the Eye Bank Association of India.

Recent Publications & other academic activities


  1. Subrahmanya Bhat K. Co-author of a case report on Management of Glaucoma in a case of  familial aniridia by trabeculectomy. Nepal Journal of Ophthalmology, 2009: 1(1): 75-76
  2. Subrahmanya Bhat K. A rare case report titled Atypical presentation and diagnostic pitfalls, a case of rapidly progressive bilateral proptosis in a child aged 18 months. Indian Journal of Ophthalmology, 2008; 56:68-70
  3. Subrahmanya Bhat K. A review article titled Ophthalmic side effects of drugs used in systemic diseases. Drug information bulletin, Manipal teaching hospital, Pokhara, Vol.3, Issue 3, 2005
  4. Subrahmanya Bhat K. Ocular side effects of anti-tubercular drugs – a focus on prevention, early detection and management highlighting the need to monitor the visual status of patients on anti-tubercular drugs especially ethambutol. Katmandu University Medical Journal, Vol.3, No.4, Issue 12, Oct-Dec. 2005: 438-441
  5. Jayaram Shetty, Vijay Pai, Harish Shetty, Vasanthi Kotian. A case report-13 yr old girl with right eye swelling. Digital Journal of Ophthalmology, 2004

CMEs/Conferences/Seminars/Workshops conducted

  1. CME programme on Latest trends in Ophthalmology on May 18, 2008 at the KS Hegde Hospital
  2. CME programme on Ophthalmic Practice “Dry Eyes and Retinopathies” on June 10, 2007. The function was inaugurated by Dr. K Sudhakar Karanth, Dean, Kshema. Dr. Ashley Thomas Jacob, Medical Director of Mulamoottil Hospital, Kerala was the speaker at the programme.
  3. CME programme on Recent trends in Ophthalmology in association with KOS in 2005
  4. CME programme on Practical Ophthalmology in association with KOS on April 25, 2004. Dr. KR Murthy, Director, Vittala International Institute and Prabha Eye Clinic, Bangalore inaugurated the function.

Programmes conducted

The Dept. has a programme wherein children from Std. 1 to 10 around Mijar and Yada Padav are screened and given spectacles, free of cost. The programme was inaugurated by Dr. Sathish Bhandary, Vice Dean & HOD of ENT, at the Ideal English Medium School, Yada Padav on Dec. 6, 2008.


Sl.No. Name Designation
1 Dr.Vijay Pai Professor& HOD
2 Dr.Jayaram Shetty Professor
3 Dr. Hrishikesh Amin Professor
4 Dr. Harish Shetty Associate Professor
5 Dr. Subramanya Bhat Associate Professor
6 Dr. Vasanthi Kotian Associate Professor
7 Dr. Nameeth D’Souza Assistant Professor
8 Dr.Ajith Kumar Adyanthaya Sr. Resident
9 Dr. Abhin Holla Sr.Resident
10 Dr. Adeesh P.Shetty Jr. Resident
11 Dr. Soumya Haridasan Jr. Resident
12 Dr. Heema John K. Jr. Resident
13 Dr. Divya Rajendran Jr. Resident
14 Dr.Akshaya Ashok Jr. Resident
15 Dr.Nita Raghavendra Bhat Jr. Resident
16 Dr.Raina Marieta Anto Jr. Resident
17 Dr.Sucharita Das Jr. Resident
18 Dr.Andrea Jose Jr. Resident
19 Dr.Anjela Jose Jr. Resident
20 Dr.Mithun Thulasidas Jr. Resident
21 Dr.Pooja H V Jr. Resident