Department Of Orthopaedics



Round the clock facilities for accident & trauma fixation, spine fixation, Ilizarov, arthroplasty and arthroscopy are available while teaching facilities include a seminar room with a seating capacity of 25, a clinical teaching room in every ward and classes with audio-visual aids and an in-house orthopaedic practical lab with museum.


The services of the department include inpatient services, outpatient consultations and the emergency and casualty services which are open 24 hrs. The department also has the following specialty clinics:

  • Backache clinic: Treatment and rehabilitation programmes are conducted on a regular basis
  • Cerebral Palsy clinic: Patients with neurological conditions are treated here. This is done in close association with the Departments of Paediatrics and Physiotherapy
  • Polio clinic: includes deformity correction of polio affected patients and orthotic rehabilitation
  • Rheumatoid clinic:Conditions of rheumatoid arthritus and other similar conditions are treated and followed up on a regular basis

Community / extension services

  • The department participates in the bi-monthly health screening camps held at the community health centres at Nitte and Mulki.
  • The department also participates in the regular peripheral health checkup camps held by the hospital at various places in and around Dakshina Kannada along with other departments.

Recent Publications & other academic activities

Siddharth Shetty. Functional outcome of ACL with acculeated Paper /Poster presentations and slandered rehabilation. 2010

  1. Vikram Shetty. An unusual case of inguinal and thigh swelling. 2009
  2. Deepak S Hegde. Outcome of Thoraco-lumbar fracture treated
    with pedicle screw instrumentation. 2008
  3. Deepak S Hegde. Pathological Multiple fracture-hyperparathyroidism . 2008
  4. Ashwin Shetty. Extra articular open + cloded proximal 3rd tibial fractures treated by interlocking intramedullary nailing. 2005
  5. Lawrence John Mathias. Infection non union of femur-Ex. Fixation and Bone grafting. 2004

Research Projects Ongoing

  1. Title: Study of the functional outcome of anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction using bone patellar tendon bone graft. Investigators: Dr. Sandeep Kini B, Dr. B Jayaprakash Shetty
  2. Title: Functional outcome of traumatic thoracolumbar fractures treated with pedicle screw rod instrumentation.
    : Dr Nataraj H M, Dr H Ravindranath Rai
  3. Title: Prospective comparative study of closed reduction and cast immobilization versus closed reduction and k-wire fixation in completely displaceddistal radius metaphyseal fractures in children.
    : Dr Biju P A, Dr B Jayaprakash Shetty
  4. Title: Predictive value of the duration of sciatica on the functional outcome of lumbar discectomy a prospective cohort study.
    : Dr Fisal J, Dr H Ravindranath Rai


  1. Title: A Comparative study of displaced supracondylar fractures of humerus in children between closed reduction & POP slab application and closed reduction & percutaneous K wire fixation.
    : Dr. Vikram Shetty, Dr. B Jayaprakash Shetty,
  2. Title: A Critical study of functional outcome in surgically managed fracture patella in adults.
    : Dr. Mohammed Sameer, Dr. B Jayaprakash Shetty, 2005.
  3. Title: A comprehensive study of complications of closed tibiae interlocking nailing.
    : Dr Ambar M, Dr. B J P Shetty, Dr. H R. Rai, 2006.
  4. Title: A comparative study of functional outcome between dynamic hip screw and proximal femoral nail for management of  pertrochanteric fractures.
    : Dr. Umesh M S, Dr. B Jayaprakash Shetty, Dr.
    Lawrence Mathias and Dr. Siddharth Shetty, 2007.

CME/Conferences/Seminars/Workshops conducted

  • Workshop on Total shoulder arthroplasty on Feb. 20, 2010
  • Scientific programme and 1-day workshop on JESS Fixator,
    June 7, 2009