Department of Community Medicine



The department has lecture halls, demonstration rooms, practical hall and a teaching laboratory for practical sessions. Audio-visual aids are available for use in classrooms. The department also has a library with text books, manuals, journals, technical reports, monograph series etc. and a museum with models, specimens and charts.


The department participates in medical camps conducted by KSHEMA at
various places and organises health care activities at health centres situated at Nitte, Sasihithlu and Mukka. The medical officers of the department manage the outreach clinics on a daily basis as well as the health centres at Kinnigoli, Nitte, Mundkur, Bailur and Subrahmanya which cater to the health needs of the poor. Besides these services, speciality clinics are also held at the Urban Health Centre, Kadri, Primary Health Centres at Natekal and Boliyar and Rural Health Centre at Nitte. Laboratory investigations like thick and thin blood smear examination for malarial parasite, haemoglobin estimation, stool examination for ova and cyst are conducted for the patients at the outreach clinics. Patients who need specialised care are referred to the Justice K S Hegde Charitable Hospital. The department organises seminars, symposium, group discussions, problem solving exercises and communty based teaching which involves visits to anganwadi centres, old age homes, deaddiction centres, water treatment plants, pasturization plant and sewage treatment plants.


Sl.No. Name Designation
1 Dr. NalamUdayaKiran Professor & head
2 Dr. Rashmi Professor
3 Dr.SanjeevBadigar Professor
4 Dr. Kiran K.G. Professor
5 Dr.SanjayKini Asst. Professor
6 Dr. Swathi H.N. Asst. Professor
7 Dr.RahulHegde Assistant Professor
8 Dr.Avin Alva Assistant Professor
9 Dr.Nanjesh Kumar Assistant Professor
19 Dr. Sudeep Kumar Epidemiologist
11 Dr. Indushekhar Shetty Tutor
12 Dr.Ramesh pakkala Tutor
13 Dr.Sowmya Tutor
14 Dr.Barath Prasad Alva Tutor
15 Dr.Grace Marian George Tutor
16 Dr.ShettyShruthi M. Tutor
17 Dr.Usha Rani Tutor
18 Dr.Vinayak J.K. Tutor
19 Dr. Vinu E. Tutor
20 Dr.GunjanMahaur Tutor
21 Dr.Prince Alex Abraham Tutor
22 Dr.Shameena A U Tutor
23 Dr.SharonBaisil Tutor
24 Dr.Vidya R Tutor
25 Dr.Kavya R. Tutor
26 Dr.RakeshMaiya G. Tutor
27 Dr.Shiny Chrism Queen Nesan G Tutor
28 Dr.Jithin Daniel J. Tutor
29 Dr.SubhadipBunia Tutor
30 Mr. Sanal Asst. Professor /Statistician
31 Mr.KrishnaBhat Asst. Professor/Statistician

Recent Publications & other academic activities


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Research Projects


  • A pilot project on early detection of cervical cancer in
    the Natekal PHC area.
  • A community based project on prevention of renal failure
    in the rural areas of Sasihithlu and Mukka
  • Inspire – A Multicentric stroke Registry with association
    with St. John’s Research Institute


  • Title:Awareness of AIDS among
    college students at the Nitte campusInvestigators:Dr.
    Anand D Saldanha and Dr Das Acharya, Department of Community Medicine, KSHEMA
  • Title:A study of low birth weight
    among babies born at a community health centre in Mulky – A
    retrospective studyInvestigators:Dr. Shailendra Z
    and Dr. Acharya D, Department of Community Medicine, KSHEMA
  • Title:A clinic based study to find
    out the correlation of abdominal girth and hypertensionInvestigators:Dr.
    Anand D Saldanha and Dr. Das Acharya, Dept. of Community Medicine,
    KSHEMA, Mangalore
  • Title:A study of awareness of
    menstruation and menstrual hygiene among adolescent girlsInvestigators: Dr.Shailendra Z and Dr. Das Acharya, Dept. of Community Medicine, KSHEMA, Mangalore
  • Title:A community based study of fertility pattern around the Urban Health Centre area, BajalInvestigator:Dr. Das Acharya, Dept. of Community Medicine, KSHEMA, Mangalore
  • Title:Impact of family folder system
    on the health status of the communityInvestigator: J.P Majra and D. Acharya
  • Title:Knowledge, Attitude and Practices Regarding the Systemic Effects of Oral Diseases among the medical practitionersInvestigator:A. Gur and J.P Majra
  • Title:Awareness regarding self care among diabetics in rural IndiaInvestigator:J.P Majra and D. Acharya
  • Title:Protecting health from climate change: Preparedness of medical internsInvestigator: J.P Majra and D. Acharya
  • Title:School environment and sanitation in rural KarnatakaInvestigator:J.P Majra
  • Title:Medico-Social Profile of the Inmates of an Old Age HomeInvestigator:J.P. Majra, Arpita Gur and D. Acharya
  • Title:Impact of Knowledge and Practices on Prevention of Chikungunya in an epidemic area in IndiaInvestigator: J.P Majra and D. Acharya
  • Title:Prevalence, cause effect of Alcohol consumption among medical interns in MangaloreInvestigator:Dr. Chidananda Kamath, Dr. Rashmi, Vidyadhar
  • Title:Violence by intimate patners against women in MangaloreInvestigators:Soni.K.Gupta, Chitra Champavath, Rashmi
  • Title:Attitudes, perceptions and expectations of students during community based postingsInvestigators:Shama Shaik, Rashmi

The department had also undertaken a collaborative study of Awareness of HIV/AIDS, with the Wake Forest University, USA. On completion of the same, itwas presented and discussed at an international conference in Bangkok. The study has been published in an international journal. Students are encouraged to take up research projects offered by ICMR and other funding agencies. They are also involved in seminars, workshops, community awareness campaigns, health check-up camps, medical exhibitions etc. and are asked to prepare charts, models and film strips for community health education.

The Department of Medical Education conducts workshops on teaching and learning for the faculty members. They are also deputed to other

institutions tattend workshops and training programs and are encouraged to participate in national and international conferences. Special guest lectures are arranged for the faculty to update their knowledge.

Conferences/Seminars/Workshops conducted

  • Workshop on Tuberculosis-Opportunities & Challenges on Feb.2, 2010 at Vimshathi Bhavan, A B Shetty Memorial Institute of Dental Sciences