Department of Microbiology


The Department of Microbiology provides laboratory services to, both in-patient and out-patients, of the attached teaching medical and dental college hospitals. The department offers services in bacteriology, serology and parasitology. The serology department has a fully automated ELISA system. All the sections are equipped with necessary and sophisticated instruments. The laboratory reports are dispatched to the respective wards and OP clinics, everyday at 9.15 am, 12 noon and 3 pm.


The department has a practical hall for students, lecture halls and a demonstration hall with a seating capacity of 60. Each lecture hall is equipped with audio-visual teaching aids. The departmental library has 156 books, including reference books and monograms. The teaching materials are stored, as well as displayed in the museum, which has 95 specimens, along with charts and photographs. The subject is drawn as per the syllabus recommended by Nitte University. The subject is taught during the III, IV and V terms (18 months). The department uses several novel techniques to teach students. They include a structured step-wise learning process, which is done regularly during the practical hours and a guided-revision strategy is done regularly to create long term memory. Several self analysis tests are conducted regularly to evaluate the students’ learning.


Sl.No. Name Designation
1 Dr.Rekha Rai Professor & HOD
2 Dr.Vimal Kumar Karnekar Professor
3 Dr. Veena Shetty Addnl. Professor
4 Dr.AshaPai K.B. Associate. Professor
5 Dr.PrathibhaBhat U. Asst. Professor
6 Dr.AmithKelgi Asst. Professor
7 Mr.Ganesh H.R. Tutor
8 Dr.Sridevi Shetty Tutor
9 Dr.SankiSanthosh C. Tutor
10 Dr. A. Asha Tutor
11 Dr.RameenaAnver Tutor
12 Dr.Neha Shetty Tutor
13 Dr.Sarin J.H. Tutor
14 Dr.Aswathi Prakash Tutor

Community Service

The department participates in medical health check-up camps conducted by the KS Hegde Hospital as well as carries out community services like water analysis for the public. Research projects

Recent Publications & other academic activities


  • Title: Prevalence of Haemophilus influenza in respiratory tract infectionInvestigators:
    Dr. Mohammed, Dr. Rekha Rai
  • Title: Comparisons of methods in the diagnosis of Helicobacter pyloriInvestigators: Mr.
    Arun Pai, Dr. Vimal Kumar Karnaker
  • Title: A study of bacterial and fungal population in a hospital environment Investigators:
    Mr. Abilash, Mr. Ganesh HR
  • Title: A microbiological study of keratitis Investigators: Mr. Kamalesh, Dr. Rekha Rai
  • Title: A study on Drug resistance pattern in escherichia coli isolates from extra intestinal infections Investigators: Mr. Muhammed Saifi, Dr. Vimal Kumar Karnaker
  • Title: Incidence and microbiological profile of Nosocomial infectionInvestigators: Mr. Subin, Dr. Rekha Rai

Under Nitte University

  • Title: Speciation of Candida in clinical isolates – Invitro studyInvestigators: Ms. Pinchulatha, Dr. Vimal Kumar Karnaker
  • Title: Comparison of the sensitivity and specificity Spot Elisa with blood culture reports and Widal reportsInvestigators:  Ms. Savitha, Dr. Vimal Kumar Karnaker
  • Title: A bacteriological study of diabetic wound infectionsInvestigators: Ms. Archana, Mr. Ganesh HR

Under ICMR

    • Title: Susceptibility and resistance
      pattern of pseudomonas aeruginosa to antimicrobial agents

Investigators: Ms. Manasa, Dr. Rekha Rai


  • Krishna Prasad MS, Vimal Kumar Karnaker. HBV, HCV and HIV: Comparable yet Contrasting – Ojhas, Vol.Issue 2; April-June 2005
  • Krishna Prasad MS, Vimal Kumar Karnaker. Comparison of PAS staining with KOH mount and mycological cultures with histopathological examination using periodic acid Schiff staining of nail clippings and the diagnosis of onychomycosis. Indian Journal Dermatolol Veneral Leperol, May-June 2008,Vol.74, Issue 3.
  • Hari Prasad, Krishna Prasad MS, Vimal Kumar Karnaker. Therapeutic induction of Helicobacter pylori bacteraemia in multiple sclerosis: How far from reality? Medical hypothesis, July 2008,
  • S Gaurish. PS Prakash, A Padmanabh Bhat, K Vimal Kumar, TP Rajeev, S Teerthanath.Tuberculosis as a cause of vesicovaginal fistula, JAPI, Volume 57; April 2009
  • Shree Sahana, Suchetha Kumar V, M Shetty V and Shivalingegowda. Dental caries in relation to serum nitric oxide and total antioxidants status. Biomed-Vol(4) April 2009
  • Veena Shetty, Mithra N Hegde, Priyadarshini Hegde. Assessment of antibacterialactivity of self-etching dental adhesive systems: An in vitro study.
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  • Suchetha Kumari, Manjula Shantharam, Vinayachandra, KM Damodar Gowda, A Veena Shetty. Study Saialic acid and antioxidant status in Indian type 2 diabetes mellitus in and around Mangalore. Biomedicine 2009; 29(4): 376-379