Department of Community Medicine | K.S. Hegde Medical Academy (KSHEMA), Mangaluru


Community Medicine Department is committed in providing the environment and resources to support excellence in community orientation and in educating medical students to be community responsive primary care physicians who meet the health care needs of the society and the country, including rural and medically underserved populations.

Department uses one of the five gallery type Lecture halls in the institution for taking classes which has overhead projector and public-address system. In addition to conventional didactic lectures, the Department conducts small group discussions, tutorials, role-plays, skits, problem based learning, field visits, laboratory based practical and epidemiological research. Department has its own seminar hall with a seating capacity of 200 and has two demonstration rooms each with seating capacity of 75. Departmental Museum has an extensive collection of specimens, charts, illustrations and models as per requirements of Medical Council of India (MCI). Departmental library has 160 books, 3 periodicals, 59 Interns project reports and students projects. Research Laboratory is well equipped with devices including Barometer, Hydrometer, instruments of analysis of food, water & milk, microscopes and accessories for microbiological investigations of public health importance and computers with statistical software.

Department participates in medical camps conducted by KSHEMA at various locations and organizes health care activities at health centers situated at Nitte and Sasihithlu. The medical officers of the department manage the outreach clinics on a daily basis as well as the health centers at Hejamadi Kodi, Farangepte, Nitte, and Subrahmanya which cater to the health care needs of the poor. Besides these services, specialty clinics are also held at the Urban Health Centre, Kadri, Primary Health Centers at Natekal and Boliyar and Rural Health Centre at Nitte. Laboratory investigations like Fasting blood sugar, Random blood sugar, thick and thin blood smear examination for malarial parasite, hemoglobin estimation, stool examination for ova and cyst are conducted for the patients at the outreach clinics. Patients who need specialized care are referred to the Justice K S Hegde Charitable Hospital.

Department is actively involved in RNTCP program, Pulse Polio Monitoring activities, RCH and Immunization program, Malaria and Filaria control programs, Leptospirosis prevention programme and AIDS awareness programme. Department organizes community based teaching which involves visits to Anganwadi centers, old age homes, de-addiction centers, water treatment plants, pasteurization plant and sewage treatment plants. Grama-Kshema is an innovative community extension program of the Department, in which students interact regularly with rural families to gain an understanding of their health issues and also promote well-being practices in them. The department coordinates a specific program called Nere-Kere KSHEMA (Neighborhood Well-Being) which benefits the neighborhood communities.

Faculties of the department are involved in various policy making at Central and State Government level. There is immense contributions of the faculties in policy & programme monitoring at district and state level The district health agencies work hand in hand with the faculties of the department

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Dr.Sanjeev Badigar

Professor & Head


Dr. Rashmi



Dr.Nanjesh Kumar S.

Associate Professor


Dr.SanjayKini B.

Assistant Professor



Assistant Professor


Dr.Avin B.R.Alva

Assistant Professor


Dr.K.Pavan Kumar

Assistant Professor


Dr.Ankeetha Jacob Menon

Assistant Professor


Dr. Indushekhar Shetty



Dr.Ramesh pakkala






Dr.Barath Prasad Alva

Tutor (Emeritus)


Dr.Grace Mariam George



Dr.Gunjan Mahaur



Dr.Prince Alex Abraham



Dr.Shameena A U






Dr.Vidya R



Dr.Kavya R.



Dr.RakeshMaiya G.



Dr.Shiny Chrism Queen Nesan G



Dr.Jithin Daniel J.






Dr. Faliya Karishma Dineshbhai



Dr. Harshitha H N



Mr. Sanal

Asst. Professor /Statistician


Mr.Krishna Bhat

Asst. Professor/Statistician

Academic activities and Publications

Ongoing Research Projects
  1. Study on domestic violence & its consequence in rural women in field practice area Dr. Rashmi Kundapur funding Rs. 70,000/- Nitte University Grant.
  2. “ Study of Factors Affecting Declining Sex Ratio in 0-6 Childern and Awareness of PC-PNDT Act in Rural Community of Dakshina Kannada: A Mixed Model Study” : Dr. Harshitha H.N Guided by Dr. Rashmi Kundapur.
  3. Assessment of Musculoskeletal Disorders, Risk Perception and Health Seeking Behaviour among Fishermen of Coastal Areas of Karnataka” Dr. Faliaya Karishma D Guided by Dr. Rashmi Kundapur.
  4. Community Based trial to reduce the burden of Non-communicable diseases (Hypertension and Diabetes) Principal investigator: Dr Rashmi Kundapur Funding: 21 Lakhs from PHRI Canada
  5. A study on patterns and risk factors of breast cancer and its survival rate with quality of life post breast cancer treatment. Principal investigator: Dr Rashmi Kundapur
    Funding: 5.9 Lakhs as NITTE Grant
  6. Evaluation of Seroconversion rates of hepatitis B vaccination among medical students in a tertiary care hospital in Karnataka. Principal investigator: Dr. Ankeeta Menona Jacob
    Fund: Rs 1.05 Lakhs as NITTE Grant
  7. A cross sectional study on the prevalence of substance abuse and their risk factors among pre-university students of Mangalore. Investigators: Dr Grace, Dr Sanjeev
  8. Physical activity patterns and dietary behaviours in school children- a cross sectional study. Investigators: Dr Gunjan, Dr Sanjeev
  9. Ill-effects of indoor smoke exposure and perception of alternate cooking fuel usage among rural women in Mangalore. Investigators: Dr Prince, Dr KG Kiran
  10. Survival analysis, quality of life and economic burden among breast cancer patients in a tertiary care hospital in Karnataka. Investigators: Dr Sharon, Dr Rashmi
  11. Effect of lifestyle modification on hypertension in rural Mangalore. Investigators: Dr Jithin, Dr Rashmi
  12. A study on barriers to access and knowledge about health care services among HIV positive women in Mangalore. Investigators: Dr Kavya, Dr Sanjeev
  13. Study of morbidity pattern and health seeking behaviour among migrant workers in Mangalore. Investigators: Dr Rakesh, Dr KG Kiran
  14. Assessment of cardiovascular risk among a rural population in Mangalore using World Health Organization multivariable risk prediction algorithm. Investigators: Dr Shiny, Dr Rashmi
  15. Coverage evaluation survey of pentavalent vaccine in UIP including factors related to non-vaccination & late vaccination in rural field practice area of K S Hegde Medical Academy, Mangalore. Investigators: Dr Subhadip, Dr KG Kiran

Awards & Achievements
  1. Dr. Ankeeta Menona Jacob got 1st prize in State Level essay competition for faculty on Tuberculosis, as a part of World TB Day Celebration 2017 conducted by RNTCP State Task Force Karnataka
  2. Dr. Ankeeta Menona Jacob, Assistant Professor got 1st Prize Winner of Essay Competition held as a part of International Day of Yoga on 20th June 2017. On Yoga and Modern Medicine.
  3. Dr. Harshitha H.N. First year postgraduate got 2nd Prize Winner of Essay Competition held as a part of International Day of Yoga on 20th June 2017. On Yoga and Modern Medicine.
  4. Dr Vidya R, Postgraduate Student, Community Medicine, got 2nd prize in the essay competition - " Tuberculosis: Demystified, Yet A Myth" in CME organized by Dept. of Community Medicine, A.J. Institute of Medical Science & Research Centre, Mangalore

  1. Department has released a pregnancy tracking app named JananiKshema with the collaboration of department of Obstetrics and Gynecology for efficient tracking and follow of antenatal cases from villages in the field practice area of KS Hegde hospital.
  2. An android app for prevention and control of Type 2 Diabetes was developed by the final year postgraduates from the department as the part of World Health Day. It was approved by International Diabetic Federation and is currently used by 50,000 diabetics from 23 countries.
  3. Postgraduates- Dr Sharon Baisil and Dr Vidya R developed an android app Oncotip for prevention of 15 most common cancers and was released free of cost through the google play store.

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6. World Health Day-2016: Nitte (Deemed to be University) doctors launch diabetes app: May 15, 2016 Times of India