Medical Fellowship Programme in India | KSHEMA


Post graduates (MS) in ENT are eligible to apply for this fellowship.

Objectives of the course
  • Comprehensive evidence-based knowledge of current treatment options for head and neck tumors
  • Surgical skill in Head & Neck Oncological and reconstructive procedures
  • Capacity to direct interdisciplinary management of head and neck cancer patients
  • Working knowledge of the principles of conducting sound research.

Admission, Selection and training of the students
  • Admission and selection is through interview by selection committee. Candidate per year and the training period is for one year

Training period and time distribution
  • Training period is for one year and time distribution is from September to August. The fellowship candidates is shown as Senior Resident in the department of ENT. Monthly nominal stipend will be given to the fellow.

Evaluation pattern

  • Evaluation pattern is decided by self evaluation, feedback, log book and formative assessment once in three months.

  • During the course period the candidate mainly concentrates on Laryngology and Head & Neck surgery. Since Dept. of ENT is also managing quality cases both in Otology and Rhinology, the candidate in addition to Head & Neck also receive training in these fields.

At the end of the course candidate will be independently able to perform microlaryngeal and phonosurgery, Total Laryngectomy, Thyroid surgeries Neck dissections, oral cavity malignancies. Bronchoscopy and Oesophagoscopy.

Research - During the course period candidate is doing one research project in Head & Neck Oncology.

Candidate has to present one scientific paper at State / National level conference.

Candidate has to publish/sent one paper in indexed journal.  

Examination regulations
  • Candidate is assessed at the end of the course using evaluation forms and feedback
  • Grading is given according to his surgical skills, ward work, patients care and research work

Attendance requirements & leave
  • To issue the certificate candidate should attend minimum 12 months period. Two days  of  leave with stipend in a month is given to the candidate during the course period.