This unique center was established through the generous donation of Dr Narayan Shetty a retired cardiologist from Pittsburgh, USA in the memory of his wife. It was inaugurated in 2016 and houses the Diagnostic Neurophysiology Laboratory and the Neuro rehabilitation center.

Neurophysiology Lab
I. Nihon Kohden (6 channel) machine - capable of doing nerve conduction studies, evoked potential studies, sympathetic skin response and transcranial stimulation
II. 16 channel digital EEG machine with video EEG facility
III. Vision Lab- state of the art equipments for comprehensive evaluation of the vision
  • Optical Coherence tomography (OCT) unit, Heidelberg, Germany.
  • Electro retinography/VEP, VERIS Science USA
  • EDTRS Chart and contrast sensitivity chart (Pell ROBSON) for visual acuity testing.

    IV. Comprehensive Autonomic Function evaluation Unit (Spark Bio, Italy)

    A unique and dedicated centre for rehabilitation of patients with chronic neurologic illness. Apart from routine care, it has state of the art equipment for improving posture, balance and mobility for patients afflicted with Stroke, Parkinson’s disease, Multiple sclerosis and many such chronic diseases. The center has dedicated Physiotherapists and a qualified Physiatrist and is the first of its kind in Coastal Karnataka. It has both inpatient and outpatient services and offers special programs for the management of cerebral palsy.

    List of Specialized Physiotherapy Equipments:

    1 Gait Trainer Treadmill (Biodex USA)
    2 Un weighing Support System (Biodex USA)
    3 Balance System (Biodex USA)
    4 Harness and ceiling fitted support ambulation system (Biodex)
    5 Movement Therapy System for lower and upper limbs (Motomed Viva, Korea)
    6 Functional Electrical Stimulator (Mega XP,Korea)
    7 Functional Electrical Stimulator (Stim Plus) / Dysphagia Management (Korea)