Established in 1999. The department of Orthopaedics included in the M.B.B.S Course and offers Post graduate MS program in Orthopaedics. In addition the department of orthopaedics has recognized guides for the interdisciplinary Ph.D program of Nitte University. The department has enough staff as per the requirements of the medical council of India (MCI). It tenders daily OPD services with specialty clinics and has high rate of occupancy in its in patients wards both male and female wards. It has adequate infrastructural facilities for providing clinical training for undergraduate and post graduate students. The departmental library has 148 titles and 26 periodicals.

The department provides excellent training opportunities for clinical training. Faculty adopts learner centric methods of education such as small group discussions and student seminars, speciality clinics like Hand Clinic, CTEV Clinic, Fracture Clinic, Arthroscopy Clinic, Spine Clinic, Arthroplasty Clinic and Rheumatology clinic runs simultaneously on OPD days and provide advanced training opportunities for post graduate students. Department has integrated teaching programme with the department of anatomy and physiotherapy. Teaching with audio visual aids and extensive use of CD-ROMs as learning materials. Permanent display of surgical and orthotics and artificial limbs in a departmental museum are some of the measure taken to engage students effectively. Facilities for two way audio-visual communications from OT to the seminar hall for live demonstration of surgeries have been developed to aid the teaching learning process.

Regular internal assessment tests provide a mechanism for continuous student monitoring and identification of slow learners. An academic counseling program with faculty mentorship is offered for slow learners. Regular post graduate seminars and journal clubs and case presentation are conducted as part of MS program in orthopaedics. The department is well equipped with instruments like arthroscopy instruments for total knee replacement and total hip replacement. The department encourages student’s participation in research. The department collects anonymous appraisal of teaching faculty from the students. Such feedback is made available to the respective faculty members to self analyse their strengths and weakness in their teaching skills, following such self analysis. The faculty member discusses their feedback with the departmental head to identify area which they need to improve in and plan corrective measures to improve their teaching.

  • We have energetic skilled and approachable faculty that are ever ready to spend time with students to clarify their doubts. In order to strengthen the clinical assessment and presentation skills of the students the department plans to have additional clinical case presentations. The department also plans to have more CME programmes and workshop to reinforce the basics and surgical skills of the students.
  • The department in order to enhance the patient number to reach out to patients in rural areas plans to have camps to evaluate advice and to offer specialized surgery to the needy patients.
  • With the facilities and opportunities a provided by the university we hope enhance our research projects especially in the field of stem cell research.

Sl.No. Name Designation
1 Dr. Lawrence Mathias Professor & HOD
2 Dr. H.R.Rai Professor
3 Dr. B.Jayaprakash Shetty Professor (emeritus )
4 Dr. Vikram Shetty Professor
5 Dr. Ashwin Shetty Addnl. Professor
6 Dr. SiddarthM.Shetty Addnl. Professor
7 Dr. Deepak Hegde Associate Professor
8 Dr. Dilip K.S. Associate Professor
9 Dr. Sanath Kumar Shetty Associate Professor
10 Dr.Ramdas Shenoy Assistant Professor
11 Dr. Rajesh Kumar Thekkatte Assistant Professor
12 Dr. NirmalBabu Assistant Professor
13 Dr.Haridas Assistant Professor
14 Dr. Vinay Kumar C. Sr. Resident
15 Dr. Aravind Shanbhagh Sr.Resident
16 Dr.Santhosh Babu Sr.Resident
17 Dr.Anwar A Jr.Resident
18 Dr.Bairav Chandrashekar Shetty Jr.Resident
19 Dr.Noufal S Jr.Resident
20 Dr.Sameer Mehra Jr.Resident
21 Dr.Sanketh Ramesh Naik Jr.Resident
22 Dr.AvinashNayak U. Jr.Resident
23 Dr.Hishanil Rasheed N.K. Jr.Resident
24 Dr.JithinVinod Jr.Resident
25 Dr.NikhilManvi Jr.Resident
26 Dr.ShilpVerma Jr.Resident
27 Dr. Radhesh R Menon Jr.Resident
28 Dr. K.Umesh Jr.Resident
29 Dr. Shashank Jr.Resident
30 Dr. Stani Mathew Jr.Resident
31 Dr. Vaibhav Tiwari Jr.Resident

Academic activities and Publications

Awards & Achievements - (2016-17)
Dr Kushalappa Final year post graduate secured the best paper award runner up for the titled “Comparative study for the hemoprophylaxis provided by tranexamic acid administered in Intravenous versus Intrarticular in total knee arthroplasty” in the recently conducted KOACON-2016. Karnataka State Orthopaedic Association Conference KOACON-2016 held at Bangalore from February 4th to 7th and was awarded a cash prize of Rs 25,000/-

  1. Schemes applicable.
    • Sampoorna suraksha, Vajapayee,Yashaswini, ESI
  2. Courses offered:
    • MBBS, MS ortopaedics, Doctoral of Philosophy, MPT,BPT,lab Technology, image technology.
  3. Extension activities
    • Department consultants visit medical center, Nitte twice a month as a part of rural outreach programme and conduct required screening as well as therapeutic treatment.
    • Department consultants visit medical center, B.C Road twice a month as a part of rural outreach programme and conduct required screening as well as therapeutic treatment.
    • Department consultants also participate in the various medical camps conducted by the colleges on various Sundays at various rural places.
    • Department consultants also participated in the Kshema Sanchalana Megha Camp at Sirsi, Kumta & Yellapura.
    • Department conducted free medical camp as part of bone and joint week on August 05.08.2017 at Karwar.
  4. Department also conducted free bone mineral densitometry test to needy patients on various occasions
  5. The Department of Orthopaedics successfully conducted DNB Practical Viva-voce examination on 23.06.2016 to 25.06.2016 for 21 students and 03.11.2016 to 05.11.2016 and 08.06.2017 to 10.06.2017 for 15 students.