Department of E.N.T | K.S. Hegde Medical Academy (KSHEMA), Mangaluru


The Department of E.N.T is established in the year 1999. Since then department is actively involved in both undergraduate and post graduate training and health care system. Operative procedures are conducted six days a week. Micro Otological surgeries, Micro Laryngoscopic surgeries, Endoscopic Sinus surgeries, Thyroidectomy, head and neck cancer surgeries etc., are performed apart from the routine ENT surgeries. Department are also started doing Cochlear Implant in 2013. Vertigo Clinics conducted on every days.

A specialised sinus endoscopy clinic is conducted every Wednesday. The department also has a full fledged Audiology and Speech Pathology unit. The audiology section is actively involved in the evaluation and management of hearing impairment in adults and children. Predominant conditions seen are those of middle ear pathology, congenital hearing loss, presbycusis, noise induced hearing loss etc. Patients are provided with rehabilitative facilities, and free hearing aids made available under the government scheme. The speech language pathology section is involved in the diagnostic and therapeutic management of children and adults with varying defects of speech and language. These defects involve conditions such as hearing loss, mental retardation, velopharyngeal insufficiencies etc. Therapeutic management of adults with fluency disorders, voice disorders, neurological conditions, etc. is also being undertaken.

Sl.No. Name Designation
1 Dr. Rajeshwary A Professor & Head
2 Dr.B.Sateesh Kumar Bhandary Professor & Dean
3 Dr. Kishore Chandra Shetty Professor
4 Dr. VadishaBhat Professor
5 Dr. Shrinath Kamath Associate Professor
6 Dr. Biniyam K Assistant Professor
7 Dr. Marina Saldhana Assistant Professor
8 Dr. Gautham M.K. Assistant Professor
9 Dr.Shravan Alva Senior Resident
10 Dr. SandeshPriyadarshan Jr.Resident
11 Dr. B.Jaya Ramesh Jr.Resident
12 Dr.Sawanth Sampigethaya Jr.Resident
13 Dr.DeepikaPratap Jr.Resident
14 Dr.IvanParaekulam Mani Jr.Resident
15 Dr.Lennie Mathew Robert Jr.Resident
16 Dr.N Cherian Elizabeth Jr.Resident
17 Dr.Devika T. Jr.Resident
18 Dr.NainaNarasimhadevara Jr.Resident
19 Dr.RemyaKoikkara Jr.Resident
20 Dr.Razna Jr.Resident
21 Dr. Ron Jacob Thomas Jr.Resident
22 Dr. Sachin J Varghese Jr.Resident
23 Dr. Samatha K J Jr.Resident
24 Dr. Vaishnavi S. Jr.Resident

Activities and Publications

Ongoing Research Projects
Project Title Year Investigators Funding agency Amount
Evaluation of protective activity of asparagus recemosus root extracts and Isoprinosine against electrone beam radiation induced immune suppression. 2014 Dr. Satheesh Kumar Bhandary & Dr. Vadish S Bhat BRNS Rs.10.94 lacs
Assessment of salivary cancer antigen 125 (CA 125) in Betel nut chewers of Dakshina Kannada district 2016 Dr Vadish Bhat
Dr Satheesh Kumar Bhandary
Nitte (Deemed to be University) Rs. 1 lac
Evaluation and Optimization of Radioprotective Activity of Bioactive Natural and Synthetic Compounds against Whole Body Electron Beam Irradiation. 2013 Dr. Satheesh Kumar Bhandary
Dr Vadisha Bhat
Dr Suchetha Kumari N  
BRNS Rs.14,41,000/-  
Effect of pomegranate herbal mouthwash on radiation induced oral mucositis in head and neck cancer patients     2017   Dr Satheesh Kumar Bhandary
Dr Razna Abdul Rehman  
A study of spirometric parameters in non asthamatic allergic rhinitis   2017 Dr Vadish Bhat
Dr Rajesh V (Pulmonary )   Dr Devika T  
A study on protective effect of topical administration of butter on radiation induced oral mucositis in head and neck cancer patients   2017   Dr Rajeshwary A
Dr Remya Koikkara
Role of Bupivacaine infiltration into tonsillar fossa in post tonsillectomy analgesia   2017   Dr Shrinath Kamath
Dr Naina Narasimhadevara  

Awards & Achievements
1. Irene Gee Varghese, Postgraduate Student, E.N.T.Has presented a paper (Catagory – Case series) on Dr L H Hiranandani Mid Term national E N T Conference – 2016 at Madikeri and won 1st Prize.

2. Elizabeth N Cherian, Postgraduate Student, E.N.T. Has presented a paper (Case Series) at Dr L H Hiranandani Mid Term National ENT conference – 2016 at Madikeri and has won III prize.

3. Dr Irene Gee Varghese Awarded one-week observer-ship Royal Pearl Hospital

4. Dr Amulya T M Awarded Hazarika Travel Fellowship - Association of Otolaryngologists, Karnataka state chapter 2015-2016)

1. Nidhi Shashidhar, III MBBS student has secured 2nd place for presenting Oral presentation - Surgery titled "Eustachian Tube junctioning and vomer" at "SRMC EQUINOX 2017" a National undergraduate Medical conference at Sri Ramachandra Medical College & Research institure, Chennai, under the guidance of DR Rajeshwary A, Prof. &HOD, ENT on 5th July 2017.

2. Shreya Shetty, Undergraduate Student, E.N.T. Presented paper at Connaissance 2017 – JIPMER, Pondicherry on April 2017 under the guidance of DR Biniyam K, has won the BEST CASE AWARD.

3. Nandana Muralidharan, Undergraduate Student, E.N.T.presented paper at Connaissance 2017 – JIPMER, Pondicherry on April 2017 under the guidance of DR Biniyam K, has won the BEST CASE AWARD .

4. Ajish Sam George , Undergraduate Student, E.N.T.has won the FIRST PRIZE at the case presentation competition and has presented A CASE OF NON HODGRINS LYMPHOMA OF THYROID at PHOENIX 2017 International Medical students conference at AJ Institute of Medical sciences, Mangalore, under the guidance of Dr Shrinath Kamath

  • ENT department is actively involved in all the health schemes offered by K S Hegde hospital. Following facilities available in the department
    • 24hrs emergency services, OPD facility on all week days (9 to 4.30), Sundays from (9-1)

    • Endoscopic facility both in OT & OPD

    • Vedio stroboscopy services to diagnosed various voice disorders

    • Electronystagrography to detect balance disorders

    • Microscopic facility in the OPD to diagnose various ear disorders

    • Micro ear surgery

    • Micro laryngeal surgery

    • Cancer surgery

    • Laser surgery

    • Cochlear implant surgery

    • Sleep study in sleep lab in collaboration with department of pulmonary medicine

    Our department has a good faculty strength with excellent team work and cooperation. It is well equipped with speciality clinics like Voice clinic consisting of a stroboscopy unit, which is only the second in mangalore. we also have a vertigo clinic with a modern electronystagmograph and support of a well equipped audiology department. We also have an excellent patient load with a vast variety of cases.

    • Demonstration room attached to the OPD for undergraduate clinical teaching,
    • Museum with 20 specimens and 48 charts,
    • Two way audio-visual communication from the OT for interaction between students and surgeons during surgery,
    • Departmental library, computer & a seminar hall where clinical seminars, journal clubs and case presentations are held regularly,Temporal bone dissection lab for cadaveric temporal bone dissection by the postgraduates and consultants.
    • Sound treated room with pure tone audiometer, impedance audiometer & OAE for assessment of hearing Equipment such as micro ear instruments, stroz nasal endoscopes, microdebrider, endoscopic instruments, microlaryngeal instruments, video laryngoscope, rigid esophagoscope, bronchoscope and LASER.
    • Department is actively involved in treating Vertigo patients with modern diagnostic equipments line ENG and video head impulse test.
    • A meeting of LARYNGECTOMEE CLUB and Symposium on Post Laryngectomy Speech rehabilitaion every year.
    • AKSHARA program for patient education – a library in the ward
    • Started COCHLEAR IMPLANT programme

    Extension activities
    1. HPL camp – A project to evaluate truck drivers who are prone to noise induced hearing loss and tobacco chewing and educate them about measures to reduce exposure to noise and avoid tobacco consumption
    2. "CHINTHANA" - A teaching programme for UG students (Permanent display of instruments), Audiovisual teaching methods, two-way Audiovisual communication from OT.
    3. "NISHABDHA" Project to create awareness regarding Noise induced hearing loss in high risk population.
      The High risk population screened under the project are
      • Traffic Police
      • Foundry workers
      • Dental Faculty and technicians
    4. Music therapy for Inpatients
    5. "AKSHARA" programme for patient education
    6. Department has started Mangalore Laryngectomee Club in association with International Laryngectomy Association, Florida. (Union of people who underwent Laryngectomy, (i.e voice box removal)