The department seeks to advance clinical standards of mental health care through participation in research and educational programs like Quiz, seminars, workshops, guest lectures, conferences and C.M.E.s. The objectives of the department are to increase operating efficiency, to practice evidence based medicine, to achieve local, state and national recognition for quality and to educate professionals in the care of persons with mental illness. The department trains undergraduate students in the medical, dental, physiotherapy and nursing streams, M.Sc. (Nursing), M.P.T (Physiotherapy), M.S.W (Medical and Psychiatric Social work) and M.Sc. in Clinical Psychology. M.C.I Inspection for starting M.D in Psychiatry is over and the outcome awaited.

The department has a daily out-patient service and a separate in-patient care for men and women. The department runs a de-addiction facility, conducts psychodiagnostics tests, multibehavioural therapy in addition to a spectrum of psychotherapeutic facilities.

Research activities The department has made a distinct mark in psychopharmacology research. It has a 700 sq. ft. air conditioned, research laboratory with centrifuge, -20 degree freezer and 2 refrigerators. Thirty-two international studies have been conducted by the department. At present, there are 6 research projects. Apart from obtaining ICH-GCP training and training in psychiatric research, the staff have been accredited and certified to use several research instruments in assessment and interview.

Sl.No. Name Designation
Dr.Satheesh Rao Professor & HOD
Dr.ShrinivasaBhat U. Associate Professor
Dr. Santosh Prabhu Asst. Professor
Dr. Shishir Kumar Asst. Professor
Dr.Nishi Guru Asst. Professor
Dr. Nithin Ambekar Sr.Resident
Dr.ArunBhat Sr. Resident
Dr. Smitha Sr.Resident
Dr.Leslie R.James


Dr.Aniruddha Shetty


Dr.Anjana Krishna Kumar


Dr.Neela Bhamy Shenoy

Jr. Resident

Dr.Shambhavi Jaiman


Dr. Daiveek P.G


Dr.Tarachand Naik BT


Community service
Faculty members participated in alcohol de-addiction camps at various places of Karnataka and Kerala and free mental health camps held in collaboration with the Rotary Club, Lions Club ,SKDRDP and other social services organisations.  Awareness programmes too, are organised for the public. Community outreach programs are held at Nitte and Bailoor (Rural Psychiatry Centers)

Ongoing Research Projects
1. “Development of evidence based lay health worker delivered psycho-social intervention module for women with common mental disorders in rural India: A population based study”-

2. Analysis of pathways to care among patients with schizophrenia in south-India: a multi-centre study

3. Development of Peer Delivered Psycho-social Intervention Module for Women Caregivers of People with HIV/AIDS

4. Effectiveness of community based lay-health worker driven early intervention programme for psychosis in rural India

5. “Do Antenatal Heart rate Variability and Cortisol levels predict Maternal Postnatal Psycological Stress levels?”

Academic Activities and Publications