Medical Imaging Technology

Medical Imaging Technology

Medical imaging technology has developed into an efficient and advanced department since its beginning in 2008.

The department of Medical Imaging Technology takes pride in having motivated and dedicated faculties that provide a dynamic hands-on learning experience for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. The undergraduate students gain a strong foundation in multiple medical disciplines along with an in-depth knowledge of their chosen field. The post-graduate teachings bring students into the heart of latest advancements and research. Our strong commitment to excellence in academic, research and clinical practice provides exceptional resources for career prospects for students.

Research Thrust Areas

Radiography imaging:

  • The birth of radiology began with an x ray unit. The continuous research activities and inventions has made a simple x ray unit into a multifunctional equipment to work as both conventional, computed, digital radiography and also with simple image production to video filming. With the installation of the latest version of digital radiography unit with the existing computed radiography unit it acts as a past to future access for the students to learn the past procedures and future implementations. This area has a lot more to explore, and learn, to increase the efficiency of the unit.

MRI unit:

  • Invented in the era of global digitization and computing, the MRI specializes in soft tissue screening and provides excellent diagnostic images for the physicians to carry on the treatment and prognosis.

Mammography Unit:

  • With the increasing breast cancer cases in India, there is significant rise in the number of women being screened and diagnosed for cancerous change. Mammography is an effective tool for detecting breast cancer at an early stage, due to which it has been used as a screening modality worldwide. The Department has installed the latest digital mammography with tomosynthesis unit.


The Department is equipped with the latest imaging equipment and is managed by a team of highly qualified professionals rendering their expert services full time for the functioning of the department. The Department has multiple diagnostic, state of the art x-ray machines ranging from 300 mA to 800 mA and also excellent digital radiography and fluoroscopy equipment. The Department also has innovative and latest digital tomosynthesis equipment for mammography. The Department is equipped with advanced ultrasound machines, 16- slice MDCT and 1.5T MRI for diagnostic and interventional procedures.


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