Department of Radio diagnosis



  • Radiography unit-300MA, 500MA with fluoroscopy, 100 & 60 MA Portable X-ray units , C-Arm unit with computerised radiography system
  • USG with Colour Doppler
  • Mammography unit
  • Angiography unit
  • Spiral CT scan
  • MRI -0.2 T

The department is equipped with a seminar room with audio-visual facilities, departmental library and a learners CD ROM library.


  • Mammography is done free of cost in clinically indicated cases
  • Radiological procedures, Ultrasonography, Colour Doppler study, CT scan and MRI are done at concessional rates
  • Certain radiological investigations are done free of cost under certain schemes
  • Radiological investigations are done free of cost for the employees of Nitte Education Trust, their parents and siblings under the Medicare Scheme

Recent Publications & other academic activities

Research projects


  • Title: Doppler Velocimetry of Umbilical and Middle Cerebral Arteries in High Risk Pregnancies in the Prediction of Fetal Outcome
    Investigators: Dr. Jathin Krishna rai, Dr. KP Rabindra Prabhu
  • Title: USG evaluation of focal hepatic lesions
    Investigators: Dr. Vijay S Bhat, Dr. Lathika Shetty
  • Title: Role of multislice CT in the evaluation of Cranio – cerebral trauma
    Investigators: Dr. Hijas Mukthar, Dr.Shrikrishna U.


  • Title:Computerized Tomographic evaluation of chronic sinusitis and correlation with FESS
    Investigators:Dr. Ashique Moideen, Dr. KP Rabindra Prabhu
  • Title:Computerised Tomographic evaluation of Ring enhancing lesions in the brainInvestigators:Dr. Boby Varkey, Dr. KP Rabindra Prabhu
  • Title:USG & Colour Doppler evaluation of ovarian masses
    Investigators:Dr. Swapnil Nagavenkar, Dr. KP Rabindra Prabhu
  • Title:Biophysical profile study in III trimester high risk pregnancy
    Investigators:Dr. Kavitha, Dr. KP Rabindra Prabhu
  • Title:USG evaluation of Nodular thyroid disease Investigators:Dr. Rekha HR, Dr. KP Rabindra Prabhu
  • Title:MRI evaluation of ligamentous injuries of the knees
    Investigators:Dr. Kurian Ninan, Dr. Sreekrishna U

CME Programme

Department of Radiodiagnosis and imaging in Association with IRIA karnataka State Chapter held continuing Medical Education Programme and interactive session on 21st November 2010