Mentoring and Counselling

We have the mentorship scheme where 6 students will be allotted to 1 teacher who will be a staff mentor to help the students in their academic and other problems. To empower the students in their learning and personal development and to have a close assessment and a warm interaction with the individual student we have a counselling centre functioning in the college .

Student’s Wellness Centre

Nitte (Deemed to be University) has over 4000 students across Deralakatte and Paneer, two of its campuses in Mangalore. We at Nitte are committed to the students’ welfare and well-being not only within four walls of the classrooms but also outside the classrooms. Nitte Wellness Centre is set up with the objective to create a stress free campus adopting healthy lifestyle and promotion of positive physical and mental health. The centre extends support to students who are experiencing stressful life events and encourages students to share their emotional disturbances, negative thoughts, addictions, substance abuse and seek professional help in a relaxed and confidential manner.

The Wellness Centre intends to develop a safe environment that supports the holistic development of students by early identification of psychological distress due to academic, personal, family related or any other problems. We also organise preventive and promotional programmes for the comprehensive health and well-being of our student population. If a student requires additional specialist medical or psychological services appropriate referrals are made by the Wellness Counsellor.