Central Research Lab

Central Research Lab

Central Research Laboratory (CRL) was established in the year 2007 to serve as a central research support system for the constituent colleges of Nitte (Deemed to be University). The CRL has state of art facilities to support high quality research in interdisciplinary/multidisciplinary areas to meet contemporary challenges. The center is committed to enhance research support through identifying the thrust areas of research, formulating the study designs, guiding in grant applications and has successfully generated substantial support from external funding agencies - NIH, BRNS, ICMR, Nitte (DU), DIBER DRDO, INMAS DRDO, VGST, CPCRI. It has collaborations with international and national organizations. It is also associated with well - maintained animal house facility. The center also provides major student consultancies for UG and PG both internal and external with its research facilities.


To develop advanced knowledge through quality research towards national development with standard ethics.

  • To develop high quality research integrating both basic and translational research across multiple disciplines, driving towards therapeutics of human health.
  • To create critical thinking which can enhance the creativity and innovations among the young students to make them leaders in the field of science and technology.

Research Thrust Areas

  • Radiation Biology
  • Phytochemical Studies and Toxicity Studies
  • Immunology
  • Cytogenetics
  • Molecular Genetics
  • Lipidomics
  • Community Acquired Infections
  • Antibacterial and Biofilm studies


a) Biochemistry Laboratory
Parameters are standardized for analysis of Serum, Saliva, Urine and other biological fluids:
Total Antioxidant capacity L-Fucose Nitric Oxide
Superoxide Dismutase Sialic Acid Catalase
Glutathione Peroxidase Glutathione Glucuronidase
Glutathione Transferase Myeloperoxidase Vitamin E
Adenosine Deaminase Ceruloplasmin Mucin
Hydrogen peroxide scavenging activity Phosphodiesterase Malondialdehyde
Superoxide scavenging activity Vitamin C Iron
Nitric oxide scavenging activity Calcium HDl Cholesterol
C-Reactive Protein Lactate Dehydrogenase Glucose
Bilirubin Magnesium Phosphorus
Total Cholesterol Total Protein AST(SGOT)
Alkaline Phosphatase Albumin ALT(SGPT)
Triglycerides Uric Acid Urea
Amylase Creatinine Bicarbonate
Sodium Potassium Chloride
Phytochemical Screening Soxhlet extraction Buffering Capacity
pH Electrophoresis
Standardized using Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer method in Collaboration with Department of Biotechnology, Nitte Engineering College, Nitte
Zinc Lead Nickel
Hematology Parameters
Using Cell Counter, all the blood hematological parameters
Radioprotective studies – In Collaboration with MicrotonCenter, Mangalore University and Oncology Department, KSHEMA.
Diphenylpicrylhydrazyl (DPPH) Assay Comet Assay Micronucleus Assay
Ferric Reducing Antioxidant Power (FRAP) Genotoxicity studies Apoptosis
Hydroxyl radical scavenging activity Cytotoxicity Studies Immunomodulatory studies
Immunonology Laboratory
Ferritin Cortisol Interleukins
Melatonin SLPI RANKL
Osteoprotegerin Matrix Metallo proteins Cyclooxygenase
Tumor necrosis factor Heat shock proteins Estrogen
Lactoferrin Insulin Cotinine
Vitamin D ICTP
Lipidomics Laboratory

Gas chromatography is available (GC-FID). Complete Fatty Acid analysis can be performed. Samples: Human plasma/saliva, oil and plant extracts.

Biodosimetry Laboratory
  • Quantification of radiation dose by using biological indicator.
  • Estimate the dose for suspected over radiation exposures.
Microbiology Laboratory
  • Antimicrobial and biofilm inhibition activity of plant extracts on oral flora, ESBLs and candida species.
  • Culture and antibiotic susceptibility test of bacterial isolates from conditions including pneumonia, enteric infections, and sepsis.
  • Screening of antibiotic resistant bacteria from community and hospital acquired infections.
  • Molecular characterization of multidrug resistant bacteria ESBL’S,MRSA,NDM etc from clinical and effluent samples.
  • Screening of HPV DNA in OSCC, Cervical and CA-breast patients.
  • Silver nano-particles activity against various species of candida.
Molecular Genetics Laboratory
  • DNA & RNA Isolation & Quantification
  • Protein Isolation and quantification
  • PCR Studies
  • Gene expression studies
  • Gene polymorphism studies
  • Fragile X Syndrome & Y micro deletion
Clinical Cytogenetics Laboratory
  • Mental Retardation (Exclusive of Down Syndrome & Known Syndromes)
  • Congenital Heart Defect (CHD)
  • Chromosomal mapping on familial cleft lip and palate
  • Fanconi anaemia

Primary Amenorrhoea

  • Bad Obstetrics History
  • Prenatal ultrasound & Prenatal invasive procedures (AF, CVS & CB)
  • Product of Conception.
  • Female
  • Infertility
  • Pedigree analysis to determine the inherited patterns
  • Neural tube defects (NTDs)

Hematological cancer

  • CML
  • AML
  • ALL
  • MDS

Solid Tumors

  • Her 2 / Neu for breast cancer

Telomeric studies

  • Population survey study of genetic disorders
  • Pedigree analysis to determine the inherited pattern of Genetic disease