Department of Urology


The Urology department is concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of complex genitourinary problems. The department has had a progressive growth over the years.

The common problems that bring patients here are prostate diseases, bladder lesions, renal and ureteric stones, infertility, erectile dysfunctions and genitourinary tumours.

Services provided

  • Minimally invasive endoscopic treatment for prostatic hyperplasia (TURP)
  • Bladder tumour resections (TURBT)
  • Ureteric Stone Removal (URS)
  • Per-cutaneous Nephrolithotomy (PCNL) for renal stones
  • Surgeries for infertility
  • Arterio-venous fistula for dialysis access
  • Trans-Obturator Tape (TOT) sling for women suffering from urinary leak on cough or sneeze
  • Laparoscopic renal and retroperitoneoscopic ureteric approaches

Recent Publications & other academic activities