The Department of Anatomy caters to pre-clinical anatomy requirements for medical, dental, physiotherapy and nursing students. It has demonstration rooms, lecture halls with audio-visual aids, a museum, well-equipped laboratories and a library. The department also has a mortuary & artists room and offers embalming facilities to the public at subsidised rates.

The anatomy museum is located in a spacious, well-illuminated and ventilated hall on the ground floor of the college, adjacent to the dissection hall.At present, the museum has more than 450 dissected wet specimens mounted in glass jars, painted with a special technique. The museum also has plastic and fibre glass models, skeletons and painted bones showing attachments of muscles and ligaments.

The specimens are arranged regionwise with sub-divisions of extremities, head and neck, thorax, abdomen & pelvis, developmental and neuro-anatomy.A catalog giving a brief description of the specimen, is available at the museum as reference for the students.

The anatomy dissection hall has a floor area of 2,850 sq.ft. and is located on the ground floor. The hall is well-ventilated, has natural lighting and additional lighting sources. Adjacent to the dissection hall, are the embalming room, freezing chamber, modeller and curator”s rooms, band saw and x-ray lobbies. Students are provided with individual lockers.


Sl.No. Name Designation
Dr. Martin Lucas Professor and Head
Dr. Vinaya Kumar Associate Professor
Dr.Pretty Rathnakar Assistant Professor
Dr.Swathi Assistant Professor
Dr.Sachin K.S. Assistant Professor
Dr.Amith Ramos Assistant Professor
Dr. Anuja Sinha Assistant Professor
Mrs.Remya Lecturer
Ms. Prima SwethaDSouza Lecturer
Ms. DivyaPai. Tutor
Ms. Yashswini Tutor
Ms. Chaitra D. Tutor
Dr. Praveen Shenoy Tutor
Dr. PranupRoshanQuadras Tutor
Dr. Dane Maria Varghese Tutor

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Invited to the editorial board

Dr. Arunachalam Kumar has been nominated to the editorial board of the newly launched international peer reviewed journal, Dental Hypotheses.

Intel Sports Innovator Award

Dr. Arunachalam Kumar”s innovation that could be used in cricket was recently awarded the Intel Sports Innovator Award. The national contest for twenty best ideas for improvement of the game was sponsored by Neo Sports.

Dr. C Jairaj shortlisted for DST-LOCKHEED MARTIN AWARD

Dr. C Jairaj, of the Anatomy department, has been shortlisted for the award DST-Lockheed Martin Innovation Growth Program for his patented product design of a hi-tech devise for detecting Diabetic Neuropathy and predicting Foot Ulcers. The technology was based on a 5 year joint research work done by Dr. C Jairaj with Dr. Arunachalam Kumar. Their research papers on application of chaos theory in diabetic neuropathies has received the Best Original Research Paper Awards at two international conferences. The same product had earlier won the first place at the national level Philips Best Innovator Award.