LITERARY FORUM | K.S. Hegde Medical Academy (KSHEMA), Mangaluru


Kshema Literary Forum was found with an intention to excavate the creativity and love for language within the students and provide them a unique platform for its expression.

For all those who know "pen is mightier than sword" this is their arena. We believe we were able to foster their hidden talents and bring out the roaring ideas within them  into limelight to a pretty good extend. Some of the most successful and crowd pulling events were conducted under the literary Forum.We believe that the events had given the students an opportunity  to register their opinions on various topics that need to be discussed and dissect it in different perspectives


A PG VS UG  debate competition was conducted on January 31. The participants were Dr. Arun , Dr Neela, Dr. Vineeth from the PG team and Nazneen, Arya  and Harmanjot Kaur from the UG team.They debated on the motion " should India go befikre".  A fire setting  discussion was done on 'should living together relationships be supported in Indian scenario'. It was truly a platform for expressing the burning ideas hidden within the medicos entangled in the routine academics and clinical postings.  The UG team emerged to be the winners at the end of the  magnificent word war. It was infact an enthralling experience for the participants as well as the audience.   


Harry Potter  quiz  was organized by the Council batch in association with the Literary Forum.OWL - a written preliminary round was conducted on 16th June. THE NEWT from the initial 23 entries. The final round was conducted on 4rth July .It consisted of 6 interactive rounds that culminated in the team consisting of Ms. Aishwarya, Ms. Nandana & Ms. Sushmitha emerging as winners. The quiz was a magical experience for all, especially the Potterheads. An ornamental display of the best of the Harry Potter world added to the exciting evening