1Mr.Anitej Comparative study of oxidative stress in individuals with & without age related hearing loss ICMR-STS 10,000/ 2016 Minor
2Ashna Malhotra Assessment of knowledge and attitude regarding antibiotics prescription and resistance among health care providers ICMR - STS 10,000/- 2016 Minor
3Roshena PM Comparison of Fat percentage with muscle strength & blood pressure response in young adults ICMR - STS 10,000/- 2016 Minor
4Shabari Das Associate Professor, Pathology Serum Gamma Glutamyl Transferase & sialic acid levels in type 2 dietetic patients and its association with glycaemia control ICMR - STS 10,000/- 2016 Minor
5Sanjana DS Comparative evaluation of Henocue, Copper sulphate and cyanomethunoglobin methods of haemoglobin estimation in blood donors ICMR - STS 10,000/- 2016 Minor
6Sreeranjini T. Prevalence of suicidality and depression symptoms among young adults ICMR-STS 10,000/- 2016 Minor
7Navyatha Narayanan Body image perception of women with Ca breast post mastectomy ICMR-STS 10,000/- 2016 Minor
8Swetapadma Nayak Study on effect of sustained habitude of mobile phones on otoacoustic emission among young adults ICMR-STS 10,000/- 2016 Minor
9Varsha Evaluation of causes of obstructive sleep apnea in paediatric population ICMR-STS 10,000/- 2016 Minor
10Dr.Shameena A.U., Quality of life and depression among elderly in a rural field practice area ICMR 15,000/- 2016 Minor
11Dr.Greeshma P.B. A case-control study of androgenetic alopecia and cardiovascular risk factor in men ICMR 15,000/- 2016 Minor