Anaesthesia & OT Technology

Anaesthesia & OT Technology

The Anaesthesia and Operation Theatre Technology program provides graduate and post graduate education and training in medical health science technology. This program aims at providing basic knowledge of pathophysiology of common conditions requiring surgery, medical interventions and intensive care management. It aims to develop graduates who are well versed in planning, setting up, maintaining and managing the Operation Theatre, work as member of rescue team and provide services such as Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation, code blue, etc. They are also educated about the equipments and monitors inside the operation theatre, the endoscopy suite, MRI suite and casualty. The program aims to produce graduates and postgraduates who are qualified and eligible to teach and train students of the future in the same specialty.

  • This program is conducted with training from senior faculties who are experienced in the clinical aspect as well as academics.
  • A well formulated curriculum with clinical exposure is the backbone of the program.
  • Better placement after bachelor degree both in India and abroad
  • It provides postgraduate course in Anaesthesia and Operation Theatre Technology is one of the kind program available all over India and provides better academic profile and job opportunities in teaching institutions.

Research Thrust Areas

Patient care, Airway Equipment, monitoring devices are presently areas where research is oriented for Anaesthesia and Operation Theatre Technology and the postgraduates have ongoing research activities in these fields.

Services (only for departments with clinical / laboratory / community extension responsibilities)

The Anaesthesia and Operation Theatre Technology department provides its services in the parent department of Anaesthesiology and Critical Care. The interns and postgraduates are posted in the rural centre, Nitte Gajria Hospital Karkala and in the different locations where anaesthesia services are provided such as Operation Theatre including super specialties, Intensive Care Unit, MRI suite, Cathlab, Dialysis and Casualty.


  • The present Co-ordinator is one of the long standing member of Indian Society of Anaesthesiologists and the founder member of All India Difficult Airway Association related to teaching and training airway.
  • The earlier co-ordinators have occupied different official post in the All India Difficult Airway Association and Indian Society of Anaesthesiologists.
  • The first-ever conference for Anaesthesia and Operation Theatre Technology was conducted in the year 2019 and is planned to be held every year.