Central Research Lab

Central Research Lab

Central Research Lab

The Central Research Laboratory (CRL) established in 2007 serves as a central research support system to the constituent colleges of Nitte DU. The CRL has up-to-the-minute facilities to support high quality research in interdisciplinary / multidisciplinary areas to meet contemporary challenges and has collaborations with international and national organizations. Committed to enhancing research support by identifying the thrust areas of research, formulating study designs, guiding in grant applications the Centre has successfully generated substantial support from external funding agencies - BRNS, ICMR, NIH, DIBER DRDO, INMAS DRDO, VGST, CPCRI etc. It is also aided with well maintained state-of-the-art animal house facility. The Centre encourages and assists UG & PG students (both internal & external) in taking up consultancies and research projects.

For any information regarding the admissions,mail us at: info@nitte.edu.in


Research Thrust Areas

Collaborations / funding agencies

Research collaborations (International)

Collaborations through MoU
1Organization Purpose
2ICAR-CPCRI Antidiabetic, antiobesity, and radioprotective efficacy of tender coconut water, coconut palm sugar and virgin coconut oil
3INMAS-DRDO Biodosimetry studies
4Kuvempu University (Sahyadri Science College, Shivamoga) Unravelling the NEDD9-Vimentin nexus in Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma interceded cellular invasion and metastasis for cancer therapeutics
5InARI, Bengaluru Create training, education and research programs appropriate for Indian healthcare needs
1 + In Vivo Studies on comparative and Synergetic Radioprotective effect of 4-Amino 5-Mercapto-3 Substituted -1,2,4-Triazole derivatives and N. jatamansi extract. PI: Dr.SuchethaKumari N BRNS 2009-2012
2 Value addition of different dental gels and irrigants commonly used among dental patients by exposing to electron beam irradiation PI:Dr. A. Veena Shetty CI: K.R. Shridhar BRNS 2010-2013
3 In vivo study of DNA damage on buccal mucosal cells by the treatment with various types of fixed orthodontic appliances. PI: Dr.SuchethaKumari N
CI: Dr. U.S. Krishna Nayak
CI: Dilip Daniel Quadras
ICMR 2011-2014
4 Modulatory effect of radiation on endodontic and restorative materials Co-PI: Dr.SuchethaKumari N
PI:Dr. Mithra N Hegde
BRNS 2011-2014
5 Evaluation and Optimization of radioprotective activity of bioactive natural and synthetic compounds on whole body electron beam irradiation PI: Dr. Satheesh Kumar Bhandary
PI: Dr.SuchethaKumari N
PI: Dr.Vadhish Bhat
BRNS 2011-2014
6 Biotransformation of materials used for orthodontic appliances by exposing to electron beam irradiation : An invitro study PI: Dr. M.S. Ravi
I: Dr.SuchethaKumari N
BRNS 2011-2014
7 Modification of radiation induced cytogenetic damages by synergistic effects of 2-deoxyglucose and Allium sativa extract on normal and tumor cells PI: Dr. Sukanya Shetty
PI: Dr.SuchethaKumari N
RNS 2011-2014
8 Effect of FADS gene variants on fatty acid synthesis and brain development in India. Dr.SuchethaKumari N
Dept.of Biochemistry
NIH 2012-2014
9 Comparative and synergistic Radioprotective Effects of Cocosnucifera water and Trans- Zeatin on Electron Beam Irradiated Swiss Albino Mice PI: Dr.ShailajaMoodithaya
Co PI: Dr.SuchethaKumari N
BRNS 2012-2015
10 Comparative and synergistic Modulatory effects of Cassia fistula and Rhodiolarosea Leaf extracts to Protect against Electron Beam Radiation induced oxidative Damage in Human Dermal Fibroblasts (HDF). PI: Dr.ShettyK.Padma
Co PI: Dr.SuchethaKumari N
BRNS 2012-2015
11 A novel approach to evaluate effects of Diallyl disulfide and Carica papaya (Linn.) on hematopoietc progenitor cell Knetics in irradiated mice PI: Dr.SuchethaKumari N BRNS 2012-2015
12 A Novel approach to evaluate effects of diallyl disulfide and Caricca papaya (Linn.) on Hematopoietic progenitor Cell Kinetics in Irradiated Mice. PI Dr.SuchethaKumari N Professor BRNS 2012-2015
13 Radioprotective Effect of Tanaeetumparthenium Plant Extract with Synthetic Parthenolide on the Organs of Swiss Albino Mice PI: Dr.Prasanth Shetty Co PI: Dr.SuchethaKumari N BRNS 2013-2016
14 Development and validation of radioimmunoassay for the in-vitro quantitative estimation of melatonin in human serum and plasma sample PI: Mr. ShrikantPatil BRNS 2013-2017
15 To Investigate the ameliorative effect of lutein against electron beam-radiation-induced oxidative stress in vitro and in vivo PI: Dr.A.P.Krishna BRNS 2013-2017
16 Effect of Maternal Bidi Rolling on Fetal Growth and pregnancy outcome by serial Fetal Biometric and Serum Cotinine Assays: a Cohort study PI: Dr.RathikaD.Shenoy
CI-Dr.Suchetha Kumari N
ICMR 2014-2017
17 Evaluation of protective activity of Asparagus racemosus root extract and Isoprinosine against electron beam radiation induced immunosuppression PI: Dr.Satheesh KumarBhandary B. BRNS 2014-2017
18 Effect of radiation on the biomechanical behaviour of root filled teeth and radioprotective effect of remineralizing agent on the enamel PI-Prof.(Dr.)MithraN.Hegde
CI-Dr.SuchethaKumari N.
BRNS 2014-2017
19 Assessment of Relationship between Glycosylphosphatidylinositol and IgG Levels in Repeated Malarial Infection. PI-Dr.SuchethaKumari N NIH 2014-2018
20 Association of White Discharge and Psycho Social Risk Factors in Women of Reproductive Age in South Canara – A Community Based Study PI- Dr. Lakshmi Manjeera ICMR 2015-18
21 Electrophysiological and biochemical Indicators in Autism Spectrum Disorders PI-Dr.Shaialaja S. Moodithaya ICMR 2016-18
22 Bone and Joint Infections in Childrendue to CAMRSA and MSSA, A retrospective Study from Tejasvini and KSHEMA Hospitals Mangalore, India. PI-Dr. Veena Shetty Professor Dept.of Microbiology KSHEMA Wake Forest University
23 Anti-obesity, lipid lowering and anti-inflammatory effects of virgin coconut oil on high fat diet induced obese rats”, “Anti diabetic and hypolipidemic activity of coconut palm sugar on Streptozotocin induced diabetic” and “A study on radioprotective efficacy of virgin coconut oil in swiss albino mice. PI- Dr.SuchethaKumari N Professor Dept.of Biochemistry KSHEMA. CPCRI 2017-2020
24 Radioprotective effect of Tanacetum parthenium (Feverfew) Plant ectract with the synthetic parthenolide on the organs of swiss albino mice. PI- Dr. D. Prashanth Shetty BRNS 2013-2017
25 Fund for improvement of S & T infrastructure in university and higher education institutions PI: Dr. Sukanya Shetty
Dept.of Biochemistry
DST-FIST 2016-2019
26 Association of insulin resistance with liver biomarkers in type 2 diabetes mellitus. PI: Dr.Usha SachidanandaAdiga Professor Dept.of Biochemistry KSHEMA RSSDI 2017-2019
27 "Establishment of Bio dosimetry laboratory at K.S. Hegde Medical Academy, Nitte(Deemed to be University) Mangalore and Networking with INMAS” Dr.SuchethaKumari N
Professor Dept.of Biochemistry KSHEMA
INMAS, DRDO 2017-2020
28 Development Of Ganoderma Lucidum Based Health Support Products Dr. Suchetha Kumari N
Dept.of Biochemistry
DIBER- DRDO 2019-2021

1 Studies on Pregnancy, delivery and child development pattern in water contaminated area of India 2020-2025 Dr. Dr. Suchetha Kumari N Professor Dept.of Biochemistry KSHEMA Co-PI- Dr. Shipra Sonkusare Dr. Prashant Naik Dr. Shilpa S Shetty MEXT -GOVERNMENT OF JAPAN
1 Validation of RDT KIT for screening of Anaemia among women of child bearing age group at field level in comparing with the gold standard test in rural area of coastal Karnataka 2021 (3 years) Dr. Jayaprakash Shetty Professor Department of Pathology Co-PI: Dr. Nanjesh Kumar Dr. Chandrika Rao ICMR
2 Establishment of Justice K S Hegde Charitable Hospital Diagnostic Centre For inherited Disorders 2021 (3 years) Dr. Praveen Kumar Shetty Director ((R&D)Nitte (Deemed to be University) Professor, Department of Biochemistry   Co-PI Dr. Rathika Shenoy Dr. Shipra Sonkusare Dr. Prakash Patil Dr. Suchetha Kumari N DBT-UMMID
3 Association of CXCL10 Gene Polymorphism and its expression with insulin resistance and severity of SARS-CoV2 infection: A Cross-sectional study 2021 (1year) PI: Dr. Usha Adiga Professor Dept.of Biochemistry KSHEMA Co-PI: Dr. Sudhindra Rao Dr. Sachidananda Adiga RSSDI
4 “A novel dietary approach for foetal programming of major chronic disorders in adult life using Albino Wistar Rats- A case control study”. 2019-2022 Dr. Damodara Gowda K M Assistant Professor Dept.of Physiology KSHEMA. ICMR
5 “Influence of ugtla polymorphism on sodium valproate monotherapy in paediatric epileptic patients”.   2019-2022 Dr.Usha Sachidananda Adiga Professor Dept.of Biochemistry KSHEMA ICMR
6 Association of insulin resistance with liver biomarkers in type 2 diabetes mellitus.   2017-2019 Dr.Usha Sachidananda Adiga Professor Dept.of Biochemistry KSHEMA. RSSDI
7 Association of single nucleotide polymorphism of Leptin gene with metabolic parameters in gestational diabetes mellitus.   2017-2019 Dr.Usha Sachidananda Adiga Professor Dept.of Biochemistry KSHEMA. RSSDI
8 Study on Melanocytes and Epidermal Stem cells Stimulation Potential of Anti-Leucoderma Herbal Product.   2019-2021 Dr. Praveen Kumar Shetty Director ((R&D)Nitte (Deemed to be University) Professor, Department of Biochemistry DIBER, DRDO
9 Molecular Screening of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) in Dakshina Kannada 2019-2021 Dr. Dr. Suchetha Kumari N Professor Dept.of Biochemistry KSHEMA VGST-KFIST

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  • Parameters are standardized for analysis of Serum, Saliva, Urine and other biological fluids:
    Total Antioxidant capacity L-Fucose Nitric Oxide
    Superoxide Dismutase Sialic Acid Catalase
    Glutathione Peroxidase Glutathione β-Glucuronidase
    Glutathione Transferase Myeloperoxidase Vitamin E
    Adenosine Deaminase Ceruloplasmin Mucin
    Hydrogen peroxide scavenging activity Phosphodiesterase Malondialdehyde
    Superoxide scavenging activity Vitamin C Iron
    Nitric oxide scavenging activity Calcium HDl Cholesterol
    C-Reactive Protein Lactate Dehydrogenase Glucose
    Bilirubin Magnesium Phosphorus
    Total Cholesterol Total Protein AST(SGOT)
    Alkaline Phosphatase Albumin ALT(SGPT)
    Triglycerides Uric Acid Urea
    Amylase Creatinine Bicarbonate
    Sodium Potassium Chloride
    Phytochemical Screening Soxhlet extraction Buffering Capacity
    pH Electrophoresis


    Standardized using Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer method in Collaboration with Department of Biotechnology, Nitte Engineering College, Nitte
    Zinc Lead Nickel



    Hematology Parameters
    Using Cell Counter, all the blood hematological parameters
    Radioprotective studies – In Collaboration with MicrotonCenter, Mangalore University and Oncology department, KSHEMA.
    Diphenylpicrylhydrazyl (DPPH) Assay Comet Assay Micronucleus Assay
    Ferric Reducing Antioxidant Power (FRAP) Genotoxicity studies Apoptosis
    Hydroxyl radical scavenging activity Cytotoxicity Studies Immunomodulatory studies

    Ferritin Cortisol Interleukins
    Melatonin SLPI RANKL
    Osteoprotegerin Matrix Metallo proteins Cyclooxygenase
    Tumor necrosis factor Heat shock proteins Estrogen
    Lactoferrin Insulin Cotinine
    Vitamin D ICTP


  • Gas chromatography is available (GC-FID). Complete Fatty Acid analysis (PUFA, Medium Chain ,Short Chain can be performed. Samples: Human plasma/saliva, oil, tear, meibum, serum, RBC and plant extracts.

    • Determination of plant phytoconstituents
    • Analysis of amino acids

    • Isolation and establishment of primary culture from various human tissue samples like gingiva, skin and foreskin etc
    • Characterization, expansion and maintenance of established cultures
    • Cell lines models for studying different disease conditions invitro
    • In vitro anticancer effects of various natural, synthetic and synthesized compounds
    • Cytotoxicity and genotoxicity studies of various compounds on cancer and normal cells
    • Effect of radiation on cultured cells
    • In vitro radioprotection and radio sensitization studies on various normal and cancer cell lines
    • Transfection
    • Knockout cell line models
    • Wound healing studies invitro

    • High fat diet induced obesity
    • Acute and Chronic Wound
    • Carregeenan-induced paw edema
    • Diabetic model
    • Radioprotection studies

    • DNA & RNA Isolation & Quantification
    • Protein Isolation by SDS Page
    • PCR Studies
    • RT PCR
    • FADS gene polymorphism studies
    • Vitamin D gene polymorphism studies
    • Fragile X Syndrome & Y micro deletion
    • Western Blotting
    • Immunohistochemistry
    • TUNEL Assay

    • Cell cycle analysis
    • Apoptosis

    • Micronucleus and dicentric assays in cell damage
    • DNA damage Studies

    • Antimicrobial and biofilm inhibition activity of plant extracts on oral flora, ESBLs and candida species
    • Culture and antibiotic susceptibility test of bacterial isolates from conditions including pneumonia, enteric infections, and sepsis
    • Screening of antibiotic resistant bacteria from community and hospital acquired infections
    • Molecular characterization of multidrug resistant bacteria ESBL’S,MRSA,NDM etc from clinical and effluent samples
    • Screening of HPV DNA in OSCC, Cervical and CA-breast patients
    • Silver nano activity against various species of candida.

    • Mental Retardation (Exclusive of Down Syndrome & Known Syndromes)
    • Congenital Heart Defect (CHD)
    • Chromosomal mapping on familial cleft lip and palate
    • Fanconi anaemia

    • Primary Amenorrhoea
    • Bad Obstetrics History
    • Prenatal ultrasound & Prenatal invasive procedures (AF, CVS & CB)
    • Product of Conception
    • Female
    • Infertility
    • Pedigree analysis to determine the inherited patterns
    • Neural tube defects (NTDs)

    • Haematological cancer
      • CML
      • AML
      • ALL
      • MDS
    • Solid Tumours
      • Her 2 / Neu for breast cancer
    • Telomeric studies
    • FISH

Organizations utilizing CRL facilities

  • AJ Institute of Medical Sciences, Mangalore
  • Father Muller's Medical College and Hospital, Mangalore
  • KMC, Mangalore
  • Mangalore University, Mangalore
  • Yenepoya Deemed to be University, Mangalore
  • KVG Medical College Hospital, Sullia
  • Accu-Labs, Valencia, Mangalore
  • ICAR-Directorate of Cashew Research, Puttur, Mangalore
  • Vivekananda College, Puttur, Mangalore
  • St. Philomena, Puttur, Mangalore