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Research Thrust Areas

  • Spatial Analysis in Public health
    Decision Support System in Public Health
  • Tobacco Control
  • Public Health Nutrition – Child & Adolescent nutrition


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  • Collaborations with Minnesota University, USA: The Nitte University collaborates with the University of Minnesota, School of Public Health, where students can visit Minneapolis – Twin City Campus for attending Summer Public Health Institute for additional credits
  • The Department was awarded the 'Global Partner Award' in 2017 by the University of Minnesota, USA, for its achievement in the successful conduct of student exchange programs.
  • Mackwin Kenwood D'mello was awarded an 'Emerging Young Researcher' by Asia Pacific Organization for Cancer Prevention in 2017
  • Mackwin Kenwood D'mello is an Associate Editor for the Journal Revista Neurology.
  • The Department has conducted a state-wide evaluation of infrastructure of special newborn care units (SNCU) managed by the Government hospitals of Karnataka and funded by the National Health Mission
  • Master of Public Health (MPH) students from the Department of Public Health, K S Hegde Medical Academy, Nitte University, in association with Christelijke Mutualiteit, a leading social security agency in the European Union, visited Belgium, France & Netherlands for their MPH internships in June & July 2017 through scholarships

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