Department of General Medicine

General Medicine

Department of General Medicine

The Department of General Medicine is managed by a team of excellent and competent doctors who are dedicated to providing patient-centred, evidence-based medical care. Sincere, knowledgeable and motivated, the staff work round the clock with the goal to improve the health of our society through basic biomedical research, clinical investigation, comprehensive and personalized patient care at affordable costs, and the training of the next generation of specialist physicians.

Teaching facilities include a seminar hall with a seating capacity of 40, lecture halls with audio-visual aids, demonstration rooms, an internet cafe, and a departmental library with over 200 medical books. There is also a Skill Lab meant for training the undergraduate and postgraduate students by exposing them to real-life scenarios and helping them imbibe skills of diagnosis and management of various emergency situations. All of the staff and postgraduates also have access to the college net facilities on their handheld smartphones with access to online material like the up-to-date and clinical key for access to the latest updated information regarding evaluation and treatment protocols. Faculty and students have access to the central research laboratory of the University which is well equipped for major biomedical research.

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Research Thrust Areas

The staff members in the department have been making an active efforts to contribute towards research activities. We have focused on the following key areas of research

  • Endocrinology -Diabetes mellitus, Hypertension
  • Infectious disease specifically tuberculosis, malaria, scrub typhus
  • Anaemia
  • Oncology

Ongoing NitteDU research projects

  • Role Of Supplementation Of Vitamin D In Treatment Course And Recovery Of Pulmonary Tuberculosis-Principal investigator: Principal Investigator:Dr Adithi K , co- investigator : Dr Supriya P.S
  • Clinical and laboratory profile of scrub typhus as a cause of febrile illness and utility of rapid diagnostic test in it diagnosis-Principal Investigator:Dr Supriya P.S, co- investigator : Dr Adithi K
  • Tolerance of oral iron therapy in form of liquid and tablet-comparative study co-investigator:Dr Adithi K
  • Measurement of human lymphocyte DNA damages using cytokinesis blocked micronucleus assay as a prognostic indicator in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus co-investigator: Dr Adithi K


The Medicine team is divided into 5 units, each unit conducting OPD on separate days with Saturday and Sunday OPDs being conducted on a rotation basis. Out Patient Department has 10 Clinical examination rooms, 2 examination cubicles for Undergraduate students, Clinical teaching rooms and one procedure room.

Inpatient services include 150 bedded ward, a well equipped intensive care unit (40 beds, 12 dedicated for General Medicine) Pulmonary Medicine (4beds) Neuro ICU (8beds) Renal ICU ( 6beds )with monitors, ventilators, pulse oxymeter, blood gas analysis etc. Recently our hospital has also become a ICTC centre for the treatment of HIV.

Specialty clinics such as Cardiology clinic, Neurology Clinic, Pulmonology clinic, Nephrology Clinic, Endocrinology clinic, Gastroenterology clinic, Diabetes clinic, Hypertension clinic, Geriatric clinic, HIV counseling clinic and Oncology clinic, provide the tertiary care services to patients at affordable costs. They run independent outpatient clinics and are actively involved in academic activities in the department of medicine.

Department of medicine has been regularly conducting outreach camps both locally and in remote areas to cater to the needs of various stakeholders such as social organization, various schools/colleges, industrial setup and villagers. A peripheral health centre located at NITTE Gajaria hospital provides medical aid to the local population in and around the region of Nitte and Karkala. Specialist staff provide consultancy in these rural centers regularly and interns and P.G s are posted for training.


  • Dr. Harshitha Poonja, first-year postgraduate was selected by the government of India to witness the parade from the Prime Ministers box at Rajpath Republic day Parade 2019