Department of Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery

Department of Plastic Surgery

  • The department of Plastic Surgery consists of a team of Plastic surgeons, well-trained nurses and staff.
  • The goal is to provide good quality care at an affordable cost with good results.
  • Integrate multiple sub-specialities of Plastic surgery, i.e Burns, Trauma, onco-reconstruction, hand and microsurgery, aesthetic and cosmetic surgery and provide quality patient care.

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Research Thrust Areas

  • Dermal regeneration from stem cells.
  • Neurogenic potential of dermal skin derived stem cells.
  • NUFR1 & NUFR2 grant studies are nearing completion.


  • Burn care [ Acute burns and old burn complications]
  • Trauma [ Limb and reconstructive surgery]
  • Onco-reconstruction
  • Hand and microsurgery
  • Aesthetic and cosmetic surgery