Department of Community Medicine

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Department of Community Medicine

The department focuses on learning through community. The focus of the department is educating the general population for health literacy. The focus for student learning is, not just the disease, but the knowledge of health with involvement of community perspective. Learning is done through participatory learning approach where the students become a part of the society they will be treating in the future. The most important focus of the department is evidence-based learning and not experience based medicine, our department tries to install scientific thoughts into the students through evidence based medicine and encourages them to create evidence by research projects, which in turn will help them to understand where and how to look for evidence.

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Research Thrust Areas

  • Non communicable diseases and its control
  • Research on cancer
  • Economic evaluations
  • Health system research
  • Nutritional research


  • Community outreach activities in Kadri health center and Sasihithlu rural health center
  • GRAMA KSHEMA programme to adopt families for betterment of life
  • Multiple programmes for vulnerable population under five and elderly
  • Consultancy for epidemiology and statistical help
  • Technical advisory for district health office
  • Health education to various groups of people to increase health literacy
  • Community trials and creating evidence for betterment of the society

Epidemiological Unit
The department of Community Medicine of K S Hegde Medical Academy conducts health education activities on subjects of public health importance at Justice K S Hegde Charitable Hospital as well as in our Nitte outreach centres. The objective of the activity is to train the medical students to provide effective health education so as to bring about changes in the health-related behaviors of people which in turn will help in promoting health and preventing diseases. A team of MBBS interns are guided by the faculty and assisted by postgraduate students and medico-social workers of the Department of Community Medicine in conducting the program along with posters and pamphlets for better communication of information. Total number of health education activities account to 108 in number in the year 2022 with total number of beneficiaries accounting to 972 individuals.

Total number of health education activities conducted


Total number of beneficiaries



  • Around 50 publications from the department which are indexed
  • Department staff were taken up for district technical team
  • Dr. Ankeeta Menon been awarded gold medal in DNB
  • Dr. Rashmi Kundapur awarded Presidential appreciation award by IAPSM
  • Dr. Rashmi Kundapur awarded with FIAPSM award for work for community by IAPSM
  • Dr. Rashmi Kundapur being selected by ICMR for being working committee of National task force for Operational research
  • Dr. Rashmi Kundapur was national coordinator for LEAP module by IAPSM
  • Dr. Anusha Rashmi was team leader for nation for LEAP module by IAPSM