S.I no Name of the Investigator Title of the Project Sanctioned Authority/body Amount Sanctioned (Rs) Date & Year of Sanction Remarks
1 Prof. (Dr.) Suchetha Kumari N.
Professor, Biochemistry
Effects of FADS gene variants on fatty acid synthesis and brain development in India NIH, USA Total sanc. 1,48,68,120
Net.Utilised. 43,26,300v
9.8.2012 Major(Discussion of report writing between the PI of KSHEMA   &  Wake forest)
2 Prof. (Dr.) Suchetha Kumari N.
Professor, Biochemistry
Malaria in India ( Assessment of Relationship between Glycosylphosphatidylinositol and IgG levels in repeated malarial infection NIH/ PENN STATE , USA  41,91,850 06.01.2014extension till 2018 Major
3 Dr.Prasanth Shetty
Professor, Genetics Lab
Radioprotective Effect of Tanaeetum parthenium Plant Extract with Synthetic  Parthenolide on the Organs of Swiss Albino Mice BRNS 12,79,000/- 16.05.2013 Major(completed)
4 Dr.Jayaprakash Shetty, HoD, Pathology Evaluation of prognostic markers for triple – negative Breast Cancer Vision Group on Science and Technology 20,00,000/- 25.01.2013 Major
5 Mr. Shrikant Patil, Lecturer, Physiology Development and validation of radioimmunoassay for the in-vitro quantitative estimation of melatonin in human serum and plasma sample BRNS 21,85,500/- 01.04.2013 Major(completed)
6 Prof.A.P.Krishna, Professor, Physiology To Investigate the ameliorative effect of lutein against electron beam-radiation-induced oxidative stress in vitro and in vivo BRNS 12,04,000/- 16.05.2013 Major(completed)
7 Dr.Lekha Pandit Understanding the role of certain Herpes viruses & Human Endogenous Retrovirus in Multiple Sclerosis pathogenesis Dept of Biotechnology(DBT ,Govt of India) 61,77,600/- 29.10.2014 Major
8 Dr. Rathika D.Shneoy
Professor, Paediatric

“Effect of Maternal Bidi Rolling on Fetal Growth and pregnancy outcome by serial Fetal Biometric and Serum Cotinine Assays: a Cohort study. Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR) 18,09,780/- 13.12.2013 Major(completed)
9 Dr. Lakshmi Manjeera
Professor, OBG
“Association of White Discharge and Psycho Social Risk Factors in Women of Reproductive Age in South Canara – A Community Based Study” Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR) 12,83,586/- 15.06.2014 Major
10 Dr.Satheesh Kumar Bhandary B.
“Evaluation of protective activity of Asparagus racemosus root extract and Isoprinosine against electron beam radiation induced immunosuppression” BRNS 10,94,000/- 26.11.2014 Major
11 Dr. Rashmi
Assoc.Prof.,Comm. Medicine
Non Communicable Prevention and Training UnitCommunity Medicine NIH/St.John's collaborated 75,000/- 25.03.2014 Major
12 Dr.Sukanya Shetty
Professor, Head Biochemistry
FIST Program 2015 to augment Level 1 category by DST based on the recommendation of the FIST advisory body to strengthen the research infrastructure of the department. FIST 25,00,000/- (FIST)
25 lacks by Nitte University
18.11.2015 Major
(Infrastructur development)
13 Dr. Shaialaja S. Moodithaya
Associate Professor Physio
and Biochemical Indicators
in Autism Spectrum Disorders
ICMR 14,08,800/- 01.02.2016 Major

14 Dr.Rathika Shenoy
Professor, Paediatrics
Comprehensive Clinical and Genetic Evaluation of Children with Orofacial Clefting for Associated,Anomalies,Descriptive Study from a Regional Referral Centre DHR (Dept.of Health Research) 36,56,968/-
(Technically approved)
2016-18 Major


15 Dr. Suchetha Kumari N Molecular screening
of polycystic ovary syndromes (PCOS) in Dakshina Kannada
VGST 40,00,000/- 2017-19 Major
16 Dr. Suchetha Kumari N 1. Anti obesity, lipid lowering and anti- inflammatory effects of virgin coconut oil on high fat diet induced obese rats.
2.Antidiabetic & Hypolipidemic activity of coconut palm sugar on Streptozotocin Induced diabetic
CPCRI 2,43,000/- 2017-18 Major
17 Dr. Suchetha Kumari N "Establishment of Biodosimetry laboratoryat K.S. Hegde Medical Academy, Nitte (Deemed to be University
Mangalore and Networking with INMAS(CARS under project No. TD-15/INM/313/4.0)
DRDO -INMAS 23,52,000/- 2018-20 Major